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" I know that companies all have their own dreams and goals. Ours is to help local businesses achieve those. "
Hayley Gordon

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is There A Contract ?

We do not force clients into contracts.  We charge a monthly service fee and we are so confident that you’ll continue with our services that we do not require a contract.  You can quit at any time.

Can You Guarantee Results ?

Unfortunately due to the fact that Google is not within our control we can’t guarantee results 100% of the time.  However we have a money back guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the improvements that you will see from your business.  There is no risk to you should the campaign not get expected results.

What Results Can I Expect ?

The goal of all of our campaigns are to increase the amount of leads and customers that your business receives.  Depending on your industry this can amount to 10-200x the amount of customers you can expect to show up. 

Ranking on Google is a huge predictor of how many people call or walk into local businesses for their needs.

What Kind Of Businesses Are Eligible?

ALL businesses from small to medium size that target local customers are perfect for our services.  We can also do national campaigns should you so desire.  We work in many different industries from doctors to medical to gardening services to the local pizzeria.  Get in touch to see what we can do for you!

What If You Work For My Competitor ?

We offer niche exclusivity to all of our clients.  We will not work with two plumbers within San Diego, for example.  We will work with you alone for your specific industry and city.

How Can I Trust You Can Help Me ?

Leashless Media is committed to honesty and transparency.  We have over a decade of experience in SEO ranking our own ecommerce pages with excellent results.  

Hayley Gordon

Owner / SEO Specialist

Born and raised in Southampton, New York, Hayley Gordon has been in the online and digital marketing field since 2008.  A graduate of the University of Michigan with a Film and Video degree, she found that she had a knack for digital marketing, web design, and SEO. As a surfer she dreamed of being able to surf when the waves were good, so being self employed was key. In 2008 she formed her own company and has been doing SEO for herself, creating several websites that earn money through affiliate marketing.

Hayley has been staying on the cutting edge of SEO for the last 12 years and has been through it all: Google algorithm shakeups and changes, web design fads, the rise of Facebook advertising, and the rise of the importance of local SEO campaigns.

Through her skill with SEO she has been able to stay self employed for the last 10 years simply by ranking her own websites. She is now using her skills to help businesses excel and improve both their online presence and their digital marketing reach.

Now living in San Diego, CA,  Hayley continues to surf regularly, and puts her Film and Video degree to use as a filmmaker and photographer of several top pro surfers and skaters. Her films have been in several international film festivals, and you can see them at

Hayley has been featured in several surf publications including Surfline, Salted Magazine, Surfer, and Cooler.  She also freelances as a filmer for documentaries and commercial shoots.


Chief Of Morale

Asking For Pets 80%
Marketable Skills
Tricks 75%
Somersaults 100%

Finn is Leashless Media’s chief of morale and head of the boop-giving department.  Finn is an expert at making people smile and doing somersaults.

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